Calm the nerves by oiling the ears

Jupiter Rules the ears, Charak the father of Ayurveda, suggests inserting a few drops of freshly made garlic oil into each ear at bedtime, once every two weeks. ( Sesame oil is also a great option.) This treatment is called Karna Purna.

The ear is a vata organ because it contains space or ether, The vibration of the bones in the internal workings of the ear allow us to hear sound. Sound is the subtle attribute of space. The ear can be a wonderful way to treat Vata as it is a pathway to the inner workings of the ear and the The 7th cranial nerve, which has five branches that supply the entire face. The root of this nerve is exposed in the ear, so via the ear canal all 5 senses get nourished.

During Autumn and winter the ears can get dry and irritated by the cold and the wind, so this treatment can be very benefitial for nourishing vata as the weather turns colder.

Used to treat tinnitus, conditions of TMJ, improve hearing, prevents ringing in the ears (tinnitus) – a Vata condition, loosens earwax, strengthens the bones of the inner ear and eardrum, prevents neck stiffness, vertigo, Meniere’s Disease and lessens wrinkles on the face.

Administration instructions.

1. Place an old towel over a pillow.  Warm oil bottle in a cup of hot water until oil is warm – not hot. Test temperature on the inside of the forearm or wrist. The temperature should that of a baby’s bottle or body temperature .

1. Lie on one side and using a dropper put 5-10 drops of oil into the ear.

3. Gently massage around the ear, gently pulling at the top of the ear and  ear lobe  so that the oil can penetrate further down the ear canal.  After a few minutes , place a small ball of cotton wool into the ear canal and then roll over to the other side.

4. Repeat the process on the other side.

You can leave the oil in overnight. Make sure to clean excess oil from ears the next morning before showering.  Avoid getting water in the ears.

Contraindications for Karna Purna

Ear infections or pain in the ear, Sinus congestion, Discharge of the ears, Ruptured eardrum, Ear Injury or wounds, Cuts in the skin of the ears, Burns that affect the ears.

Never put essential oils into the ears.  Never place oil in the ears if there are signs of infection and or discharge.

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