The many uses of Sesame oil

In Ayurvedic literature, sesame has sacred uses and deemed the best oil for massage. Cold-pressed Sesame oil is the best and most cost-effective choice of oil for self-massage. It is grounding, soothing and calming for Vata and Kapha individuals for Vata /Kapha conditions with mild ama (toxins). Still, it can be too heating for pitta, sometimes causing rashes for pitta folks with sensitive skin.

Sesame oil has a high content of vitamin E, which is excellent for the skin and also prevents the oil itself from going rancid, so it has a long shelf life.
Sesame oil mimics collagen and can be an effective sunscreen as it blocks up to 45 % of UV rays. The antioxidants in the seeds, help to draw out impurities and prevent the skin cells from oxidation, improving rejuvenation, so the oil is effective in repairing damaged skin cells which slows down the ageing process.

Sesame seeds also have an affinity to the bone tissue which is one of the reasons you will often find sesame oil used in massage oils, although heavy and buttery, sesame oil is also subtle which makes it easily and quickly absorbed into the skin and body channels because it dilates the capillaries and acts on the connective tissues.

Its thick and unctuous quality is also exceptional for dry skin. Sesame oil eases muscle pain as it is a muscle relaxant and a mild pain killer. Due to its heavy quality, it nourishes Vata induced spasms, muscle weakness and fatigue.
Sesame is a medium for oil pulling as it strengthens the teeth and gums.
It as a strong smell is best used with rich and nutty aromas as it can distort floral or delicate scented essential oils.

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