Eye Cleansing

Cleansing the eyes soothes inflamed and irritated eyes. Creating a solution from Triphala or Amalaki is a wonderful way to keep your eyes healthy.

If you suffer from sty’s using this solution a few days in a row can help to reduce symptoms. Triphala and Amalaki eye baths also help to improve vision and prevent conjunctivitis. This method is beneficial for tired and strained eyes.

Put 1/2 teaspoon of Amalaki powder in 2 cups of filtered water.

Boil solution down to about 1 cup and strain the solution through some muslin or a coffee filter.

Wait for the solution to cool and use as an eyewash. You can use in an egg cup if you do not have an eye bath.

You can keep this in the fridge for up to 3 days.


this solution may sting slightly if the sensation is unbearable wash eyes out with warm water.

Make sure all the utensils used to make and bath the eye are completely clean.


Do not use if you have eye injuries.

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