Dates calm pitta and vata and increase kapha. They are sweet cooling and increase mucus so can be useful for dry coughs, their anti-inflammatory properties make them a good choice to calm inflammation of the lungs and bladder, but in excess can cause congestion.

Fresh dates are very slightly warming in quality, dried dates and date sugar are cooling. Pitta can benefit by using all three.

Dates contain antioxidants that protect the liver, scientists have found that specific species of dates help to improve liver function. Ajwa dates help promote liver function by decreasing liver enzymes that can cause inflammation and compounds found in deglet dates can help repair liver damage.

Due to their anti-inflammatory properties’ dates are used in Ayurveda to calm inflammation of the lungs and bladder. The sweet nature of dates makes them anabolic and an all-round rejuvenative and tonic.

Specifically, good for the reproductive system, they increase sperm production and help promote strength and virility. In fact, studies have shown that eating dates in the last month pregnancy can help reduce the length of labour and dilates the cervix at a quicker rate.

Date milk is very popular in Ayurveda for general weakness and anaemia.

With descent amounts of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium dates have the potential to protect the health of our bones.

Even though sweet they have a low glycaemic index and being a complex carbohydrate, they release sugar at a lower rate keeping us satiated for longer. This makes dates an ideal snack for vata and pitta types.

Dates are full of fibre and act as natural probiotics, boosting gut flora and over all bowel health. High in potassium they can facilitate muscle function improving muscle and heart health.

Dates are an Ojas building food. Ojas is the essence of our vitality and immunity although they are heavy in nature so eat according to your digestive strength!

Dates soaked in ghee and saffron is a traditional remedy for debility and building strength and vitality. The carbohydrate content in dates facilitates the digestion of fats easier along with saffron, ghee soaked dates is an ojas building powerhouse.

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