Ghee, The Golden Nectar.

“it is promotive of memory, intelligence, vital force, semen, vital essence (Ojas), kapha, and fat. It is curative of vata, pitta, fever and toxins. ~ Charaka

The golden nectar, the fats of all fats, Ghee is revered throughout Vedic literature, used as food, medicine and in rituals, this cooling, sattvic substance has been used for centuries to bestow health and healing.
The Vedas have coined it,” The first and most essential of all foods.”

A pure and essential fat, Ghee is rendered from cultured butter and is also known as clarified butter as it is separated and strained from all of the milk solids, water, lactose and proteins found in dairy products. Many people who are lactose intolerant have no issues digesting Ghee.

Ghee keeps indefinitely unrefrigerated. The best wat to store it is covered, in an airtight container and devoid of water or other contaminants. Always use a clean, dry spoon with Ghee.
Ghee kindles digestion and in small doses is tridoshic and ideal for cooking as it doesn’t burn at high heats and provides a rich flavour to many dishes. Cooling in nature this an excellent oil for pitta types and its sweet taste makes it beneficial for vata. Kapha types should use it sparingly.

Ghee has an affinity to Majja Dhatu, the tissue which includes the brain and the nervous system. Used for epilepsy, and disorders of the nerves, Ghee improves intelligence supports brain function, memory recall and retention.
It is light unctuous and penetrating, so penetrating in fact that it is known as a Yoga Vahi – A freight train catalyst that carries medicinal essence of herbs to the deeper tissues. Ghee is used as a base for many ointments, both internally and topically, it adds to the medicinal properties of herbal formulas. It enhances the properties rather than sacrificing the medicinal qualities. Ghee is one of the significant substances that nourish all seven tissues as it improves the absorption and assimilation of the body.

Ghee gives us a glowing complexion, and many still use the traditional method of washing ghee 100 times to use as a body oil, reducing stretch mark blemishes. Ghee lubricates the connective tissues and enhances flexibility.

Ghee supports healthy hormone production, enhances mineral adsorption supports the liver by producing beneficial bile and is anti-inflammatory having an alkalizing effect in the body as a whole.

Ghee is beneficial for the eyes and is used in eye treatments, including Netra Basti, Tratak meditation (staring at a ghee lamp). Simply adding a few drops of body temperature ghee into the eyes as a daily practice can improve vision and protect the eye membrane.

So nourishing and healing are its properties that Ghee is a daily occurrence in most Ayurvedic kitchens and self-care routines. The beauty of Ghee is that it can be made easily at home from unsalted butter. Ideally, Ghee is best made on a full moon to enhance its juicy and nourishing effects.

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