Sweet potatoes and women’s health.

Sweet potatoes are Fantastic for vata and pitta types. The heavy quality is Grounding for both types, and the sweet taste helps to soothe the dryness of Vata and pitta’s heat.
Kapha people or those with a kapha imbalance should eat this tuber root sparingly; the heavy and sweet combination is too building and aggravating to eat regularly.

Sweet potatoes are nutritious and packed with benefits for the women’s reproductive system.
They are a powerhouse of beta carotenes, the nutrient that makes your vegetable orange. Carrots, sweet potatoes, yams and butternut squash are loaded with it, but sweet potatoes win hands down for being the highest in beta carotene than any other vegetable.

Beta Carotene is a powerful antioxidant that prevents inflammation in the body and helps alleviate PCOS and endometriosis symptoms. It fights free radicals and prevents damage to proteins that allow our cells to function correctly and regulate menstrual cycles. Foods that are rich in Beta carotene improve ovarian health and adrenal health.

Our bodies can not convert beta carotene into vitamin A without bile salts. Beta Carotene is a fat-soluble compound, so eating sweet potatoes with good quality fats like butter, egg yokes, cream, avocado, coconut oil, or ghee is ideal. They all stimulate bile and improve its absorption and conversion into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for our vision, bone development, reproduction, healthy skin, and immunity.

In terms of women’s health, Vitamin A also improves cervical fluid and protects mucous membranes. It helps with vaginal dryness as it increases vaginal fluids. Vitamin A also enhances follicle development assisting in the development and maturation of follicles in the ovaries.

  • Sweet potatoes are high in B Vitamins, which helps to regulate hormone production.
  • Vitamin B5 helps to regulate cortisol levels which rise when we are stressed.
  • B6 helps explicitly to increase progesterone.

Progesterone helps to balance estrogen when it is too high or too low. When estrogen is dominant, it can cause inflammatory disorders like endometriosis and PCOS. Optimal progesterone levels are essential for fertility, balanced moods, minimal PMS symptoms, and a balanced period.

Sweet Potatoes are excellent sources of fibre and complex carbohydrates, leading to fewer spikes in sugar levels and more sustained energy levels. Even though sweet potatoes are sweet – They have a low glycemic index.

They are a rich source of calcium and iron which play a role in conception, triggering the embryo’s growth and keeping the reproductive environment alkaline, which is more beneficial for the egg and sperm.
Iron and calcium and are necessary for blood and bone health, essential during menopause.

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