Shilajit, mineral pitch, shilajit benefits for men shilajit benefits for women

Shilajit – The benefits for women and men.

known as “Rock overpowering”, shilajit is a mineral pitch. This natural mineral tar-like substance oozes from the Himalayan rocks and other mountainous regions in the summer heat. It makes a great mineral supplement and an excellent choice for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Shilajit has an affinity for the kidneys and urinary tract, and it is helpful in cases of cystitis, excess urination and is used to break up kidney stones and gall stones.
It rejuvenates the nervous system, tonifies and strengthens the whole reproductive system, and helps male reproduction for sexual debility, premature ejaculation, and excessive ejaculation.
Shilajit benefits female reproduction, where there are signs of weakness, including infertility and painful periods.

You can take this wonder medicine for general health and maintenance or signs of weakness and frailty.
in the book Yoga of herbs, Dr Lad states it is “Ideal for those who do a lot of mental work or yoga.”
A clear choice for vata and kapha individuals, shilajit’s heating properties can make it too heating when pitta is high.

Shilajit can be expensive, but you only need small doses. It must go through an intense purifying process to ensure the removal of toxic substances and impurities. Make sure you use a reputable supplier and check in on the purification process before purchasing.
Inner Farmacy uses Cure with earth and Banyan Botanicals.

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