Sedate or Arouse with Nutmeg! (Myristicaceae)

The Latin name for Nutmeg is Myristica which means sweet perfumed. Nutmeg or Jataphala in Sanskrit is light in quality. Still, interestingly its heavy nature has a stabilizing effect, making this an excellent herb for insomnia or when you need a little grounding.
It has such a heavy, dulling effect on the mind, so use it in small doses for short periods of time.
¼ teaspoon in warm milk before bed is a beautiful anecdote for sound sleep or restless leg syndrome and calming the nerves, relaxing the whole nervous system.
Nutmeg is useful for impotence and is an aphrodisiac, and Nutmeg can both activate erectile function and reduce premature ejaculation.
For women, Nutmeg is very useful to stimulate menstruation. It’s also comforting for painful periods.
The astringent qualities In Nutmeg help the small intestine to absorb and to pull nutrients into the blood. This same astringency helps with diarrhoea and excessive bleeding.
Its calming qualities help to relieve pain in general along with spasms bloating and painful gas.
The pungent, heating energy helps clear phlegm from the lungs.
Nutmeg is heating and pungent so best used in the colder months probably why all of those winter cakes and soups feature Nutmeg so abundantly!

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