Have you ever heard that” eating carrots helps you see in the dark”? As children we are told many an old wives’ tales to encourage us to eat vegetables, however there is some truth in this one. Carrots contain large amounts of vitamin A, 10,000 i.u in each carrot, which helps to integrate rodospin, a pigment in the eye that helps us to see in low light. Studies have shown that teaming carrots with healthy fats helps us to absorb their vitamin A more effectively, so cook or coat carrots in ghee or eat with nuts, avocado or fish rich in omega 3’s.

Carrots are sweet, bitter and astringent but have a heating effect so they are best used in abundance for Vata and Kapha types and used in moderation for Pitta and teamed with cooling spices like coriander and dill.

Sweet carrots are a diuretic and a tonic for the kidneys however are best used sparingly for diabetics or people with excessive urination.

 They help to clean the digestive tract keeping the intestines free from bacteria. Cooked Carrots are Helpful in cases of constipation.

Rich in calcium and vitamin C, carrots are good for the teeth, skin and bones. Vitamin C helps collagen production and is present in our immune cells helping to build our immunity along with the immune boosting and cancer combating beta carotene.

 Carrots help to cleanse and improve

Carrots are native or Kashmir and Afghanistan and are related to the parsnip and celery cilantro, caraway, cumin and dill, which incidentally, accompany the carrot with complimentary flavours in most dishes.

and Rich in potassium, phosphorous and iodine these root veggies are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.

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