Pippali Milk, Lung tonic

Lung Rejuvenation – Pippali Milk

The moon rules both the lungs and milk.

This is a 20-day lung rejuvenative. This tonic Increases lung capacity and removes mucus or congestion. If you live in polluted areas, used to smoke, have chronic congestion, TB or feel like your lungs are not working at full capacity, its worth giving this a try – It works!

This is an excellent “Rasayana” (rejuvenative) for the lungs- traditionally, this is done as a milk diet to help prevent chronic illnesses from reoccurring, however drinking this once a day for 20 days, preferably at lung Time 6-8 am or pm or whenever you can, work wonders. Pippali is Indian long pepper. You can buy it whole or in powdered form. In this instance, you will need to buy it whole.


  1. start with three whole pippali.
  2. Boil in one cup of milk and one cup of water and reduce down to one cup of milk.
  3. This is your first dose.
  4. Repeat for 10 days, adding one pippali a day. so day 2 will be 4 pippali, day 3 will be 5 pippali and so on.
  5. Work up to 13 pippali, then work back down. Reducing 1 pippali a day until you get back down to 3 Pippali.

This is a very heating process, best to do in autumn and winter months only.

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